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Much more important are the template components will be similar to the design and the elements of your website.

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It is important that the design and the layout of the TYPO3 template will fit both with your vision and with the functionality of your web project. If a template contains only few elements that you will integrate in your website, the rest of them you should design from scratch or you should reconsider the fact it is worth in money and time to put them on your website.

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We suggest you consider the following extensions and features before downloading a TYPO3 template:. It is important that you choose a TYPO3 template which is responsive, and build the content from the start upon the responsive design.

With such flexible template, the content will fit automatically to every display size. The responsive template will save you lot of time and money. Usually, every template has a documentation that lists the TYPO3 versions who it is compatible with.

It becomes more important if you are going to pay for the template. Also, notice if you are going to update your website to newer version, the template should be keep you up to date with the latest versions of the TYPO3.

TYPO3 Template Engine Integration Explained

Consider the fact that TYPO3 templates come with different licenses. You should check it before downloading the template, in both cases when it is a free license or a commercial one. In some cases you are not allowed to make changes or use it for commercial purposes. In many other cases, you should include a link in you website that references the developer or the provider of the template.

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You can test this package by enabling it from the install tool. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Typo3 templates — Anther Because there are few problems with ready-made TYPO3 extension like compatibility issues on future releases of the TYPO3 CMS, or the extension support can be stopped at any moment, content data should be relying on TYPO3 core instead of any third party extensions etc. Just like any other successful CMS TYPO3 was designed to be highly flexible and user friendly with unlimited extendability, especially considering that code and content are operated separately.

These providers are not easily recognized, and you should be careful and watch the signs of an established and honest provider. One good approach is the comments and the feedback of the other users that have downloaded similar templates from the same provider. Also, the demo versions and the screenshots of the details of the template are a clear sign of a reliable provider.

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Nowadays, a very common element of the design of a website is a sliding header, with a main image in header, and a slider as an extended version of that. In the slider there are multiple photos related to the image header.

TYPO3 Template Engine Integration Explained - TYPO3 Developer Days

You website will have a professional look with such TYPO3 content element. Sliders contains not only images, they can contain any multimedia element, such as videos or CTA buttons.

Compatibility with TYPO3 version

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Different TYPO3 templating method:

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2.5 Changing template of a page

Read more. You should now be able to select the page layout in the backend by editing a page's properties after clearing all caches.

Documentation Library Community Donate Blog. Edit this chapter on Github Jump to The div containers' only purpose is to enable code completion in your favorite IDE and will not be output. The bare minimum for a page layout file is to define a section named Configuration containing a flexform with at least an id to make it selectable in the backend. All available viewhelpers and their arguments can be looked up in the reference on fluidtypo3.