Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine (PET, General and Thyroid Clinic) at University Hospital
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Radionuclide Metabolic Therapy

Targeted nuclear medicine can be divided into two basic categories: imaging and therapy. Nuclear Medicine Imaging often enable physicians to accurately diagnose and stage complex diseases — including cancer, and cardiovascular and neurological disorders in their early stages — as well as monitor disease progression or response to treatment. Also referred to as molecular imaging or functional imaging, these diagnostic procedures provide detailed pictures of what is happening inside the body at the molecular and cellular level.

At AAA, we specialize in the development of precision imaging radioligands for oncology, which target specific tumor markers. Targeted Radioligand Therapy combines a precision targeting compound with a therapeutic radioisotope a radioactive particle. Many different types of targeting ligands can be used for RLT.

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The radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine imaging and therapy typically have very short periods of activity, or half-lives, often hours or a couple of days. This means that each dose is produced on-demand for an individual patient. It also means that shipping, handling and administering these medicines requires special procedures.

AAA manages the entire process from clinical development and regulatory approval to full commercial production and the logistical management of the delivery process in time for treatment to be effectively administered. Nuclear Medicine.


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Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine Medical Radiology

For decades, radionuclide therapy has been used to help manage a range of malignant and benign diseases, and for many pathologies its utility is well known and well documented. However, significant progress continues to be made, and there has been considerable expansion in the available therapeutic radionuclides and the pathologies which can be managed by them.

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