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Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles
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Store Page. Global Achievements. Experience an immersive and horrifying episodic single-player survival horror nightmare. Trapped alone in a desolate manor and hunted by monstrous foes, you will need to scrounge for supplies, manage your resources, solve puzzles and battle the undead to survive. Most popular community and official content for the past week. I wanted to know how much will it cost.

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Looks good. If possible in my currency too pls. Daegoth Vilfariel.

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I have found that the short story collections and this is true of some vintage Gaiman , get a little deeper into the psyche, evilness, surrealism, and general grossness of what human psyche can be in bad people Door code? Refresh and try again. A fantastic collection of stories by a very underrated author. Tedrich was not a remarkable boy. A code for the title was provided by ID Xbox for the purpose of this review.

The game looks like. Question About Game Engine:. I was looking through the game files while in search of a config file to alter some visual settings and realized the game was running on Unity. I learned minutes ago from a reply on the discussions forum that the games have a unified code.

Does that m The Determinator. Question about season pass?? Sorry if this has been asked before.

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Or do I need to buy this also? Rifleman71 -V-.

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Door code? Since ammo is scarce, you might want to consider saving it on the weaker creatures and use only melee weapons. Although the ax is a little stronger than the knife, I found the knife to be better because it is faster and allows you to aim a little easier as well. It is hard to tell where the ax is swinging and the knife seems to stun them a little as well. Some rooms allow you to skip them as well if your low on ammo and almost all rooms allow you to fire or stab an enemy and run out and reset them.

When you reenter the room, any damage you have done to them before still counts and you can use this tactic to fight almost anything, even bosses. This game has fixed camera angles similar to the older Resident Evil games and can be quite challenging at times. The camera angles are set in certain areas of each room and when you get to a new point it changes.

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Experience an immersive and horrifying episodic single-player survival horror nightmare. Trapped alone in a desolate manor and hunted by. Silent Hill and Resident Evil are arguably the founding fathers of survival horror, influencing much of the genre and evolving it into what it has become in this generation. In Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, we get a game that has resurrected the core of what birthed survival.

This could kind of throw off your navigation a bit, as sometimes it makes the controls opposite of what you were previously using to move forward or side to side. Long hallways or corners can sometimes be certain death when the camera angle changes suddenly and you have enemies on your tail. This also makes it challenging when it comes to finding items hidden in each room as the camera angle changes a lot in a room, so you must pay attention to where things are before it changes.

The controls in this game are a bit clunky and take a few minutes to get used to, but that is expected with this type of retro gameplay. The New Nightmare offers both classic tank controls like Resident Evil 1 and 2 or a more modern tank control setup. I started playing with the modern controls first and then decided to try the classic and although the classic felt smoother, I was already used to the modern and had to switch back.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles

This game supports mouse and keyboard controls and gamepad controls all with fully customizable keys. Many different gamepads are supported including Xbox and Xbox One. I played the game with an Xbox controller that I use as my gaming controller and I highly recommend using one as well as it makes the game more fluid. Other than the singleplayer story, there is a Battle Mode.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles - Episode 1 (1440p HD)

The Battle Mode a tough mode where you scavenge for items, must kill enemies, and then reach the exit to beat the level. Currently, there is only one level, but the developer stated that he will include more in future patches. This mode is pretty similar to the main game, besides not having notes to read or a way to save and offers a break from the main game.

You can even practice before you try the main game and get used to the controls as I did, which makes it easier for you in the long run. There are many difficulties as well in the main game which includes a Nightmares mode which makes everything one shot kill you if you get hit. You become stronger as well and this mode is quite a challenge as there are fewer items littered throughout the map. It has some minor setbacks though such as some weird animations for zombies in combat, but you must remember that this is still an Indie game studio with only one developer on the team.

This is quite a feat for any one person to do and more content will be available later for purchase in chapters, similar to the Telltale game series. If you loved the older Resident EviI games or just like zombie games in general, I urge you to pick up this game. You won't be disappointed!