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Tired of playing hide-and-seek with the iTunes sidebar?

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Wish you could organize your podcasts? Wondering what the difference is between loves and stars? Relying on an easily browsed question-and-answer approach, Kirk shares his love of music and helps you understand the process of bringing media into iTunes, tagging it, adding album artwork, organizing it into playlists, and transferring it to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Kirk also sheds light on the many details of the new Apple Music streaming service and iCloud Music Library. Btw I have tc itunes This book, which is about the new versions of Photos that Apple released in September , covers Photos for macOS version 3.

Jason Snell has been writing about Apple since it was doomed—, to be exact—and was the lead editor for Macworld for more than a decade.

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He currently writes about technology at sixcolors. December 11, -- We're happy to have released this title with High Sierra and iOS 11 coverage, and are hoping that it won't need an update for a while.

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ISBN: Version: 1. All you need to do is download the song you are trying to edit, then view it in the downloaded menu. It should allow you to edit.

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Was also quite frustrated at this, the fix that worked for me was actually quite simple. I had Windows Media Player playing the song I was trying to edit, how dumb of me.

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All I had to do was to close Windows Media Player or any other program that might be playing the song in any way. If the attribute is not there or the line is grayed out, then just go to the security tab and make sure you give yourself full control over the folder. Hope that helped! Since much of my music is ripped from CDs rather than downloaded, this is a huge problem.

In order for my playlists to work the way I want them I need to be able to change the genres. Both of those options had to be off. If I re-enabled one of them, I could no longer edit song info. Hope this helps someone. It seems with every new update from iTunes, something new goes wrong.

So tired of this every time this happens. Now I cannot edit songs or make any changes at all. I have followed all of the above steps, and even tried it all a 2nd time, to no avail.

Going to look for new software to use, done with itunes at this point. This is driving me nuts.

How to Set Up and Use Home Sharing in iTunes

Thanks for providing the info, Mitch. Sadly, none of this works for me. I followed all of the steps multiple times and also took the advice of commenters. Is it possibly the issue that my music files are on an external hard drive? After searching around in frustration, I found this page and it finally fixed the problem. I still dislike the new iTunes, though.

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Retrieved on November 22, When you set up purchase sharing, the songs, albums, movies, TV shows, books, and apps purchased by family members are immediately available to everyone else in the group. June 5, This is a 30 second task that the app will guide you through on first launch. Retrieved October 18, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ars Technica.

Early iTunes was so much better. Fix it. I do not let iTunes organize folders as you have no control over the folder layout and quite frankly it makes a mess of things. It is contrary to the way everything else organizes it and if you use other players, the organization it uses does not play nice. In Album view, it works fine.

Photos: A Take Control Crash Course

I think just possibly what some people are missing here is a very simple but admittedly easily overlooked thing: namely, that a song or album must actually be downloaded to your computer in order to be allowed to be edited. Hope this helps. Same problem here on Mac book pro. Was able to change the permissions in name only. It says i can read and write now but still am not able to make any changes at all. You guys need to wash your damn dishes and pick up your cloths, because there are tracks floating all over the place.