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On fall mornings, one can see more than photographers lined up to photograph first light on the range.

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Rumors have persisted over the years that the park may one day cut back these pines to once again reveal the scene as Adams captured it 76 years ago! As the road splits at the Junction, one will soon come to the most incredible of all scenes in the park — Oxbow Bend.

Perhaps never more beautiful than in the fall, the Snake River provides a foreground view that transitions into Cottonwoods and then the range itself with Mt. Moran taking center stage. This past fall, I had my group on location at predawn.

Pro Photography Tips for Shooting in Grand Teton

Revised and updated edition with new photos and digital techniques; How to prepare for a photographic expedition through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Joseph K. Lange has spent years taking pictures and Photographer's Guide to Yellowstone & the Tetons: 2nd Edition Kindle Edition. by.

As you can see, the river was perfectly still and as the dawn hues arrived, the snow-covered peaks of the Teton Range reflected beautifully, allowing me and my group to create this image. Oxbow is a location that one can photograph at both ends of the day. My favorite time is morning but I have made some nice images during and after sunset.

Photographer's Guide to Yellowstone & the Tetons (2nd ed.)

Sunset works better if there are some clouds in the sky. This scene is generally photographed in the morning as first light hits the peaks. I decided a couple years ago to try photographing this scene at sunset and came away with this image. At sunrise, this location can be overrun with photographers. When I captured this image, I had the location to myself.

This lone barn has been restored recently along with other barns and old homes in the Mormon Row Historic District. Regardless of the time of year you chose to photograph Grand Teton National Park, one thing will remain constant — the beauty will overwhelm your senses! Having begun his professional career over 40 years ago as a sports photographer, Don successfully transitioned into the world of fine art landscape photography in The rest of his time is spent on his landscape photography work. Don is renowned for his work as stock photographer for Getty images and as a landscape workshop instructor, teaching 17 workshops per year.

Please contact us and reserve you dates or to discuss your custom photographing needs. Email us for more information.

Grand Teton Photography and Field Guide

Make your Yellowstone wildlife photo trip the best it can be. From finding wolves and bears, to learning the best way to photograph your nature subjects, we will make your trip a great learning experience that will give you images for a lifetime. Private Photograph Tour and instruction. If you want to learn Wildlife and Nature photography in the worlds best classroom.

This can be your best chance. Anyone can find things to take pictures of in Yellowstone. The difference is we know the best current locations and conditions. Yellowstone is a vast and intricate ecosystem there is no need to waste your valuable time trying to find a grab shot.

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This tour maximizes your time in this great place and helps you to know where and how to look for prizes subjects such as Wolves, bears,badgers and more. While you are learning Yellowstone with Jess he can also teach you many wildlife photography skills from tracking to how to process your images. As Gene Covey put it after one of his many trips with Jess. I got some killer shots.

5 day – Grand Teton and Yellowstone Photography Workshop

Thanks for a great photo safari. You were an excellent guide". To see our current workshop schedule check here. No mater how you say it Jess Lee's are the best.

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Yellowstone Photography. Bison Photos. Elk Photos. Wild Yellowstone Wolf Photos. Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Photography. Wyoming Photos. Grand Teton National Park Photos. Swan Photos. Jackson Hole.

Oxbow Bend

With the switch from film to the original camera sensors we had to get a new understanding of our equipment both new and old. Ad pixels widephoto pixels wide. Yellowstone Photography. Bears are a real treat when they show up and that has been happening more often in the last several years. Hi Jamie, Cool collection. Okay, thanks.

Beyond the wildlife portrait. Welcome to the Download Dock. If you have an image key number, please enter it and click submit. You will then be able to download the image. If you do not have an Image Key Number and would like to purchase an image, please do so or contact me with any questions. Thank you! Your Image Key Number was succesfully authenticated. Sorry, that Image Key Number was not recognized. Please try again. Yellowstone Teton Tours. He has lived in the Yellowstone ecosystem for over 30 years.

See what it is like to shoot with a working photographer not just another tour leader. We take you beyond the guide book with current up to date information on what is current during your trip. All of our trips are to locations we have photographed numerous times. Our small groups insure individual instruction.