Macbeth, Act 2, No. 11, Scena. Come dal ciel precipita

Macbeth (Verdi, Giuseppe)
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Macbeth receives the guests and Lady Macbeth sings a brindisi Si colmi il calice - "Fill up the cup". The assassination is reported to Macbeth, but when he returns to the table the ghost of Banquo is sitting in his place.

Macbeth raves at the ghost and the horrified guests believe he has gone mad. The banquet ends abruptly with their hurried, frightened departure. The witches gather around a cauldron in a dark cave. Macbeth enters and they conjure up three apparitions for him.

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The first advises him to beware of Macduff. The second tells him that he cannot be harmed by a man 'born of woman'. The third that he cannot be conquered till Birnam Wood marches against him.

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Macbeth: O lieto augurio - "O, happy augury! No wood has ever moved by magic power". Macbeth is then shown the ghost of Banquo and his descendants, eight future Kings of Scotland, verifying the original prophecy. Macbeth: Fuggi regal fantasima - "Begone, royal phantom that reminds me of Banquo".

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Macbeth, Act 2, No. 11, Scena. "Come dal ciel precipita" - Kindle edition by Giuseppe Verdi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Macbeth, Act 2, No. 11, Scena. "Come dal ciel precipita" eBook: Giuseppe Verdi: Kindle Store.

He collapses, but regains consciousness in the castle. A herald announces the arrival of the Queen. Macbeth tells his wife of his encounter with the witches and they resolve to track down and kill Banquo's son and Macduff's family Duet: Ora di morte e di vendetta - "Hour of death and of vengeance". Scottish refugees stand near the English border Chorus: Patria oppressa - "Down-trodden country".

In the distance lies Birnam Wood. Macduff is determined to avenge the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of the tyrant Ah, la paterna mano - "Ah, the paternal hand". He is joined by Malcolm, the son of King Duncan, and the English army. Malcolm orders each soldier to cut a branch from a tree in Birnam Wood and carry it as they attack Macbeth's army. They are determined to liberate Scotland from tyranny Chorus: La patria tradita - "Our country betrayed".

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Macbeth, Act II, Scene IV: "Come dal ciel precipita"

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