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Eurozone: weak retail sales no cause for alarm
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But for a goaltender, their leash is somewhat shorter. But it was the quality of those shots that should set off the alarm bells. Yes, OK, the third and fourth goals, Gillies could have been better positioned on a harmless short-side shot by Darnell Nurse and a power-play shot by Zack Kassian that hit the post and went in. But at the end of the day, a goaltender needs to make saves when the team needs them to the most. Even in the pre-season.

Friday they hit the post and bounced in. Did some good things.

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Did some bad things and onto the next one. Gillies, who was selected 75th overall in , has made it clear he wants an opportunity — be it with the Flames or with another NHL club somewhere. The two — best known for their agitating ability rather than their flair — teamed up for a two-on-one with Rinaldo, sliding the puck over to Lomberg for a tap-in on Edmonton starter Mikko Koskinen.

No Cause for Alarm

It went away not only for that line, but for all four lines. We spent too much time defending as the game went on.

Yes, Michael Stone the Calgary Flames defenceman. Bennett drove to the net early and often, drawing a high-sticking penalty with left in the first period from former Flame Alex Chiasson. Sam was in the right spot and was going to the net hard. Ellen panics over the letter and, as noted by a reviewer over 50 years later, throughout the film's second half seems "much more concerned with absolving herself from the blame of his death than missing her spouse. The postman says she can ask the supervisor at the downtown post office, who has more authority.

Ellen is frantic when she gets back to the house, only to find George's aunt Clara Margalo Gillmore climbing the stairs to see him and stops her barely in time. After the two talk for a while, Clara again heads up the stairs; but Ellen stops her once more, saying George told her earlier not to let his aunt see him.

Clara leaves in a huff, telling her George was "rude, mean and selfish since he's been six Ellen goes back up to the bedroom to change her clothes and sees the gun still in George's hand, narrating, "Somehow I knew I shouldn't leave it there. Readying herself to leave the house, a polite but somewhat aggressive notary Don Haggerty rings the doorbell, telling her he has an appointment with George to go over some legal documents.

She steadfastly says George is too sick to see anyone. Ellen desperately drives downtown to the post office to see the supervisor, who gives her a form for George to sign but then, nettled by Ellen's unhinged and uncooperative behavior, tells her he is going to allow the letter to be delivered. Defeated, she returns to the house and, as she gets to the front door, a kindly neighbor woman Georgia Backus offers to help Ellen, since she has seemed so upset all day.

When Ranney shows up to check on George, Ellen is hysterical. Ranney tells her to be calm and goes up to the bedroom. Showing no apparent emotion for his dead best friend, he sees the bullet hole in the floor, finds the gun in a dresser drawer, methodically repositions George's body in the bed, and draws down the window shade.

Back downstairs with Ellen, Ranney listens as she tells him what happened, saying "I did everything wrong, just like he said I would. She thinks the police have come to arrest her, but Ranney urges Ellen to open the door. When she does, it is the postman, returning the thick letter for insufficient postage. Ranney gives a sigh of relief; Ellen takes back the envelope and is overcome after closing the door.

Cause For Alarm

Ranney wordlessly rips the letter into narrow strips and burns these shreds in an ashtray along with a matchbook bearing the embossed names George and Ellen. Director Tay Garnett thoroughly prepared both cast and crew and the film was shot in 14 days, a rather tight schedule for the era Young reportedly used the same pre-production technique for her TV series a few years later. As with all PD MGM feature-length films produced by the studio itself and possibly a few they merely distributed , the original film elements are now owned by Turner Entertainment , with distribution rights handled by Warner Bros.

Margalo Gillmore 's successful acting career on Broadway stretched back to the late teens and Georgia Backus the kindly neighbor gardening next door had a small role in Orson Welles ' Citizen Kane ten years before. Richard Anderson went on to a long and successful career as a supporting actor on US television. Some of the production involved location shooting on residential side streets near Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California. As seen in the film, the actual address of the main filming location was North Beachwood, one block south of Beverly Drive, until the house was demolished in the mids and its curbside address deleted.

Neighboring houses also seen in the film which surrounded the location on Beachwood Drive and Plymouth Avenue are still standing.

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When the film was released in , the New York Times film critic, Bosley Crowther , wrote, "Here a simple situation is turned into a thoroughly chilling business by highlighting the most humdrum staples of the everyday American scene The suspense, under Director Tay Garnett, mounts steadily, almost unbearably, until a final plot twist so original that it's almost a swindle. Although Crowther criticized the casting of "newcomer" Bruce Cowling as Ranney, calling his performance "wooden", he had only praise for Young, writing " Time magazine characterized the film "as the year's first thriller with an honest quota of thrills.

It pulls off the old Hitchcock trick of giving commonplace people, events and settings a sinister meaning, and it develops its simple, one-track idea with frightening logic. However, in later decades the film was widely ignored falling into the public domain and the few retrospective reviews were less flattering. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For other uses, see Cause for Alarm disambiguation.

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